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Philosophy Weekend: News from Philosophy in Action

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Every Saturday, I post the news of the week from my primary work, Philosophy in Action, where I apply rational principles to the challenges of real life. Here's this week's update.

Upcoming Radio Shows

Philosophy in Action Radio broadcasts live over the internet on most Sunday mornings and some Thursday evenings. More upcoming episodes can be found here: Episodes on Tap.

Sunday morning, 12 April 2015: Q&A on Seven Virtues, Repression, Care of the Body, and More

I'll answer these questions on the live broadcast of Philosophy in Action Radio on Sunday morning, 12 April 2015.
  • Question 1: The Special Seven Virtues: What's so special about the seven virtues? Ayn Rand identified seven virtues: rationality, honesty, productiveness, independence, justice, integrity, and pride. What's different about those qualities – as compared to other commonly touted virtues like benevolence, creativity, temperance, or courage? Basically, why are those seven the virtues in Objectivism? Is Objectivism right to single them out?
  • Question 2: Signs of Repression: What are the signs of emotional repression? It's very important not to repress your emotions, especially if you are a person with rationalistic tendencies. But how might a person identify when he's repressing some emotions? What are the signs? What can be done to avoid and overcome the tendency to repress, if such a tendency has become habitual?
  • Question 3: The Ethics of Care for the Body: What is the moral status of actions aimed at tending to one's body? In an egoistic ethics, the ultimate end of moral action is the growth and continuation of one's own life. Ayn Rand elaborated on discussed many of the kinds of actions required to achieve this goal, but she didn't discuss matters of "bodily care," such as cleaning your teeth, eating well, exercising regularly, tending to a wound, and seeking necessary medical care. These constitute a whole universe of actions necessary for the maintenance of one's body and, hence, one's life. Are such actions moral and virtuous? Should bodily care itself be considered a virtue? Or are these actions already subsumed under the virtues? (If so, I would love to know how to brush my teeth with integrity and pride!)
The live broadcast begins at 8 am PT / 9 MT / 10 CT / 11 ET on Sunday, 12 April 2015. The podcast will be posted later that day. For more details, check out the episode page.

Recent Podcasts

Podcasts of radio shows are posted shortly after the live broadcast. Check out the full collection of past radio shows in the podcast archives, sorted by date or by topic. To ensure that you don't miss an episode, subscribe to the podcast RSS feed too.

5 April 2015: Q&A on Personality and Ethics, Euthanizing a Pet, and More

I answered these questions on Sunday's Philosophy in Action Radio:

How does personality theory affect ethics? When should a person euthanize a pet?

You can listen to or download the podcast below, and visit the episode's page for more, including audio files for individual questions.

9 April 2015: Podcast on "Argument from Miracles for the Existence of God, Part 1"

I podcast on "Argument from Miracles for the Existence of God, Part 1" on Thursday's Philosophy in Action Radio:

"Do reports of miracles prove the existence of God? Most people of faith appeal to the miracles of their faith as grounds for their belief. Here, I consider what miracles are, how they are supposed to prove God's existence, and raise some concerns about them.

This podcast is one of the ReligionCasts – my series of podcasts on the philosophy of religion. Below, you can preview the podcast for free. Then, purchase access to my whole series of 16 podcasts (8 free, 8 premium) for just $10. (Regular contributors to Philosophy in Action's Tip Jar should email me for free access.)"

You can listen to or download the podcast below, and visit the episode's page for more.

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