Tuesday, October 01, 2013


By Unknown

  • You Absolutely Should Not Get Backyard Chickens: An excellent blog post on the face-the-facts responsibilities of owning backyard chickens: "...a chicken is not a seed packet, it's an animal and a responsibility. If you can't cull your own birds or can't provide for them all the way into their Chicken Social Security, then please, do not get chickens."
  • 6 'Harmless' Fads That Caused Widespread Destruction: It's amazing that some of these massiave health risks were understood... but still indulged widely!
  • Meet the Family That Never Learned to Walk on Two Legs: "The subject of bear crawling hibernated for many decades until a couple of Turkish doctors, in 2004, made a discovery that was more science fiction than science. In a rural village, they happened upon a group of siblings who had never stood up. Members of a family with 19 children, all of whom bear-walked in their infancy, these five brothers and sisters had never lifted up off their hands. They had walked like bears all their life."
  • Attention Scale Addicts, part 2: I stopped weighing myself a few months ago -- after doing so daily for years -- and I've found that I care more about how I feel than how much I weigh. That's good!
  • In Health-Conscious Denver, Limits on Group Exercise: Nice job, Denver! After all, you wouldn't want parks to be a place where people gather to exercise, now would you?!?

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