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Christian Wernstedt on Your Health Versus Stress: Philosophy in Action Podcast

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On Wednesday's Philosophy in Action Radio, I interviewed our own Christian Wernstedt about "Your Health Versus Stress." The podcast of that episode is now available for streaming or downloading. You'll find it on the episode's archive page, as well as below.

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Podcast: Christian Wernstedt about "Your Health Versus Stress"

What are some of the common ways that stress impairs a person's health? What can a person do to resolve those problems? Personal health coach Christian Wernstedt helped me recover from adrenal insufficiency, leaky gut, and other problems stemming from my 2009 crash into hypothyroidism. In this interview, he shared his basic approach and insights with us.

Christian Wernstedt, born and raised in Sweden but now living in New York City, is a personal health coach, educator, and entrepreneur specializing in applying science and time proven empirical methodology to one's everyday practices such as diet, exercise, and supplementation. In 2008, while working as a freelance IT consultant, he became Interested in evolutionary concepts in nutrition and has since then studied and practiced these and other health related ideas and methodologies. In 2010 he founded the company VitalObjectives, which has since then become a successful coaching and educational practice with a track record of putting individuals on a path towards improved health and resolution of health issues.

Listen or Download:

  • The conventional approach to health and the problems with that
  • Christian's approach to health
  • The meaning and examples of stress
  • The effect of stress on health
  • Common sources of stress
  • Adrenal insufficiency or steriod hormone imbalance
  • Symptoms of adrenal insufficiency
  • Testing adrenal insufficiency
  • Other underlying or related problems
  • Trying to "power through" symptoms
  • What you can do now to protect your health
  • Good sleep
  • Overscheduled lifestyles
  • Diet: paleo and low carb
  • Fitness: Crossfit
  • Supplements
  • Vitamin D
  • Vital Objectives

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