Friday, May 17, 2013

The Paleo Rodeo #162

By Unknown

Welcome to this week's edition of The Paleo Rodeo!

The Paleo Rodeo is a weekly blog carnival featuring the best paleo-related posts by members of the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. The past editions of the Rodeo are collected on this page.

What is "paleo"? As I say in Modern Paleo Principles:

A "paleo" approach to health uses the evolutionary history of homo sapiens, plus the best of modern science, as a broad framework for guiding daily choices about diet, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. The core of paleo is the diet: it eschews grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils in favor of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.
The purpose of The Paleo Rodeo is to highlight some of the best blogging of the ever-growing paleosphere.

Here is this week's edition:
Kris Gunnars presents 5 Brain Nutrients Found Only in Meat, Fish and Eggs (NOT Plants) posted at Authority Nutrition, saying, "Many nutrients in plants and animals are critical for proper function of the brain. These 5 brain nutrients are only found in animal foods."

Neely Quinn presents SexyBack Summit! Let's Talk about Sex, Shall We? posted at Paleo Plan, saying, "Sean Croxton's newest, biggest summit - all about sex! Free video series on how to improve your sex life..."

Sean presents Homemade Chorizo posted at FreeRange Human, saying, "Quick and easy method to making homemade chorizo without any of the fillers you find in the store."

Sabine presents Green Curry Chicken posted at CrossFit CatCave, saying, "Delicious first time green curry! Will make this every week now!"

Elizabeth Leitch-Devlin presents Protein Propaganda Pisses Me Off posted at Mostly Meat Is What I Eat, saying, "Tied of vegan lies that kale is a great source of protein? This post will blow you away with it's actual data and what really is the best source of protein and a little tidbit on how we're not herbivores."

Nell Stephenson presents A New Treatment for MS- Gilenya? How About Food Instead? posted at Paleoista, by Nell Stephenson, saying, "Paleo expert Nell Stephenson writes about the backwards approach to treating MS- with drugs, not food."

Eileen Laird presents No-Fail No-Pound Sauerkraut posted at Phoenix Helix, saying, "Have past efforts at homemade sauerkraut failed? Have you been afraid to try to make it yourself, because you've heard stories of funky smells or strange tastes, or how the conditions need to be just right? This recipe simplifies everything."

Eileen Laird presents Personalize Nutritional Healing for YOU posted at Phoenix Helix, saying, "The paleo template is a powerful tool for healing, but it is a template, and one size does NOT fit all. If you aren't healing on the paleo protocol, get help to find out what your body needs! In this post, I share online directories of paleo physicians and dieticians."

Peggy Emch presents Paleo Kid's Menu for Home or Daycare posted at The Primal Parent, saying, "One full week of kid friendly meals and snacks! Really simple foods here."

Danny J Albers presents Sorry Anthony Colpo - Truly Keto Athletes Do Exist posted at Primal North, saying, "As a NEW approach to performance, its amazing what can be accomplished on a ketogenic diet. Here we examine a few low carb athletes and a few truly ketogenic athletes. Are they elite? You decide. A lady powerlifter squatting 500+, an ultra runner 30 miles (not a typo) ahead of the pack 23 hours in. Another finishing 1st place male in a 100 mile race. And a legend of body building. Perhaps if ketones alone can power these guys through their insane training loads, it can also support the more modest aspirations of those of us just trying to lose some more weight and get fitter? So for those that have stated its impossible, my response."

Emily presents Savory Slow Cooker Short Ribs posted at Girl meats Paleo, saying, "A quick to prep, slow cook up of readily available ingredients for something special on a week day night."

Amy Kubal presents C'mon Get Happy! posted at Robb Wolf, saying, "Are you 'chasing a dangling carrot'? Is happiness really in a deadlift weight or body fat percentage? Don't you think it's time to get HAPPY??"

Max Ungar presents 41 Lessons I Learned From Freshman Year posted at Caveman College, saying, "Here are some lessons I learned over my Freshman Year of college."

J. Stanton presents The Calorie Paradox: Did Four Rice Chex Make America Fat? (Part II of "There Is No Such Thing As A Calorie") posted at GNOLLS.ORG, saying, "Several studies and statistics which conclusively prove that a calorie is not a calorie, the '3500-calorie rule" is bogus, and "calorie math" doesn't work."

Diane Sanfilippo presents Podcast Episode #87: Paleo Pitfalls – part 1 posted at Balanced Bites, saying, "This week's podcast explores some of the common pitfalls that people face as they adopt a Paleo diet/lifestyle including gluten and vegetable oil exposure, eating the proper amount of carbohydrates, and sources of calcium in the Paleo diet."

Rebekah Reddy presents Simple Asparagus with Butter posted at Half Indian Cook, saying, "This no frills approach to one of my favorite spring vegetables is quick and easy to make and has butter, of course!"
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