Friday, April 12, 2013

The Paleo Rodeo #157

By Unknown

Welcome to this week's edition of The Paleo Rodeo!

The Paleo Rodeo is a weekly blog carnival featuring the best paleo-related posts by members of the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. The past editions of the Rodeo are collected on this page.

What is "paleo"? As I say in Modern Paleo Principles:

A "paleo" approach to health uses the evolutionary history of homo sapiens, plus the best of modern science, as a broad framework for guiding daily choices about diet, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. The core of paleo is the diet: it eschews grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils in favor of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.
The purpose of The Paleo Rodeo is to highlight some of the best blogging of the ever-growing paleosphere.

Here is this week's edition:
Kris Gunnars presents 7 Reasons Why Butter is Good For You posted at Authority Nutrition, saying, "Butter is rich in fat soluble vitamins and unique fatty acids with powerful health benefits. It has recently been making a comeback as a 'health food."."

Ute presents How to stay away from sugar posted at Grokette's Primal Musings, saying, " It’s easy to stay away from gluten filled foods. I know they’re bad, and I know they don’t fill me. But how do you stay away from all the other sugary treats? The chocolate and gummy bears, the m&ms and ice cream?"

Mary Catherine presents Sweet and Savory Sardine Salad posted at Nourish Paleo Foods, saying, "A recipe for a simple sardine salad, giving you one more way to easily enjoy these paleo wonder fishies."

Nell Stephenson presents Seasonal Allergies Getting to You? posted at Paleoista, by Nell Stephenson, saying, "Paleo expert Nell Stephenson discusses what Paleo really is, and how it can benefit those who suffer from allergies."

Neely Quinn presents Hungry All Day? Snacking A Lot? Let's Fix That. posted at Paleo Plan, saying, "Some tips for you to keep away the hungries."

Sean Coonce presents Blood Orange Mango Margarita posted at FreeRange Human, saying, "Summer is almost here so this is a great twist to the classic NorCal Margarita. Same principles but blood orange and mango is added."

Wendy Schwartz presents Go Paleo! Product Watch: Juice, Deodorant and T-Shirts posted at Go Paleo!, saying, "The Go Paleo! Product Watch highlights products that are the market and critiques them. In this edition, Wendy Schwartz discusses a great new deodorant called Primal Pit Paste, an awful 'unjuice" called Tropicana Farmstand and reveals the new Go Paleo! t-shirts...Read on."

Julie Campbell presents root vegetable chicken soup posted at the crankin' kitchen!, saying, "say your goodbyes to winter with this hearty home made chicken soup full of root veggies."

Eileen Laird presents Wahls Veggie Protocl: Q&A posted at Phoenix Helix, saying, "Dr. Terry Wahls reversed her MS through the paleo diet combined with 9 cups of vegetables daily. Learn more about her protocol: which veggies, how to prepare them, and how to fit them into your day."

Eileen Laird presents The Power of an Internet-Free Day posted at Phoenix Helix, saying, "Good health is about lifestyle as much as diet, and taking a day off the internet can be powerfully renewing to the body and spirit. Learn how."

Max Ungar presents 6 Tips to Slowing Down The College Lifestyle posted at Caveman College, saying, "If you live a busy life, read this post."

Diana Hsieh presents Cavebaby Cora Eats Ribs posted at NoodleFood, saying, "In case you need your daily dose of this video, baby Cora eats ribs... and NOM NOM NOM, they're so delicious!"

Tarah presents Chipotle Citrus Turkey Burgers posted at What I Gather, saying, "Flavorful turkey burgers spiked with mandarin orange juice and zest and a hint of chipotle!"

Amy Kubal presents Why Am I Still Broken? posted at Robb Wolf, saying, "Does it seem like you're the only one that's not seeing miraculous results and transformations living a Paleo lifestyle? What's wrong with you anyway and are you alone?"

The Cavegirls presents Paleo 7 lb Itch posted at Northwest Cavegirls, saying, "Cavegirl Kate bares all (well, some) on the first day of her challenge to lose 7 lbs (or half a stone since she's a Brit) by being more conscious of portion sizes, and fruit and nut consumption."

Angie presents The Northwest Cavegirls Bake posted at Angie's Suburban Oasis, saying, "The Cavegirls have gotten requests for a book compiling our recipes into an easy to search format; so, we've put together the first of hopefully many such eBooks. This eBook, The Northwest Cavegirls Bake, features 34 cookie, cupcake, muffin, scone and pie recipes, many of which have never before been published and are exclusive to this eBook. We've included many colorful photographs of these tasty treats as well."

Steve, the Paleo Drummer presents "Is this paleo?" A.k.a., fooling yourself with paleo things posted at The Paleo Drummer, saying, "Some paleo/ancestral eaters seem to be striving for technical compliance with a set of rules/ingredients instead of just eating real food."

Steve, the Paleo Drummer presents "Tales of Paleo Disasters" – the world's shortest book? posted at The Paleo Drummer, saying, "I feel like I read a new hit piece on paleo every few weeks, but never one that – scientifically, or even anecdotally – focuses on a paleo person (or persons) who have been harmed by paleo/ancestral eating. All I ever hear are success stories, with good reason I suspect."

Chris presents Dangerously Delicious Chocolate and Banana Stuffed Crepes posted at PrimalPal, saying, "These delicious grain-free crepes are perfect for Saturday brunch. We stuffed them with a paleo chocolate spread and sliced bananas for a sweet treat."
Many thanks to the PaleoBloggers who submitted to this edition of the The Paleo Rodeo! We love new members! So if you blog on paleo-related matters and you'd like to submit your posts to the carnival, please subscribe to the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. You'll receive instructions and reminders via that list.

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