Friday, February 22, 2013

The Paleo Rodeo #150

By Unknown

Welcome to this week's edition of The Paleo Rodeo!

The Paleo Rodeo is a weekly blog carnival featuring the best paleo-related posts by members of the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. The past editions of the Rodeo are collected on this page.

What is "paleo"? As I say in Modern Paleo Principles:

A "paleo" approach to health uses the evolutionary history of homo sapiens, plus the best of modern science, as a broad framework for guiding daily choices about diet, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. The core of paleo is the diet: it eschews grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils in favor of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.
The purpose of The Paleo Rodeo is to highlight some of the best blogging of the ever-growing paleosphere.

Here is this week's edition:
Kris Gunnars presents 8 Symptoms of Food Addiction (With Survey Results) posted at Authority Nutrition, saying, "Food addiction is a very common problem. There are 8 key symptoms that are outlined in this article, along with data from a survey on food addiction."

Max presents Top 5 Movements for your Workouts posted at CavemanCollege, saying, "Great ideas for college students to spice up there workouts!"

Nell Stephenson presents Thank You, HU posted at Paleoista, by Nell Stephenson, saying, "Paleo expert Nell Stephenson gives a wonderful review of NYC eatery HU Ktichen- a Paleo place that's a must-try."

Neely Quinn presents Is It Paleo: Canola Oil, Goat Yogurt, Popcorn, Condiments, and Green Beans posted at Paleo Plan.

Meghan Little and Angel Ayala Torres presents Paleo Tomato-Basil Bruschetta, An Italian Appetizer on Crostinis posted at Paleo Effect, saying, "Want something awesome to serve at your next party? This Paleo Bruschetta is so good, they won't know its grain free!"

kellie presents Your Guide to "what is Paleo?" posted at Yoga and Bacon, saying, "how many times hav you googled 'is this paleo?" or "is that paleo?" is how I came to truly understand paleo and never question what I should or shouldn't do or eat again. namaste."

Tony Federico presents PMR Episode 4 posted at Paleo Magazine Radio, saying, "In the fourth episode of PMR, Tony chats with PaleoFX organizers, Keith and Michelle Norris. They discuss last year’s event and we get a sneak peek into what they have planned for PaleoFX13, which will be held at the end of March in Austin, Texas. We round out this episode with a conversation with Brenda and Chad Walding, two physical therapists who found some ancestral momentum of their own by attending PaleoFX12."

Wendy Schwartz presents Review: Rich Food Poor Food - The Truth is Out! posted at Go Paleo!, saying, "If I hadn’t already gone Paleo, this excellent resource, which is sure to be a bestseller, would lead me to go Paleo for good. Shame on the majority of the food manufacturers for feeding us such garbage and praise to Rich Food Poor Food for uncovering the truth."

Diana Hsieh presents Slow-Roasted Grapes posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Slow-roasted grapes are an easy and very tasty treat! NOM NOM NOM!"

Paul Jaminet presents Paleolithic Cuisine: How Gourmet Was It? posted at Perfect Health Diet, saying, "We investigate whether Paleolithic chefs had the wherewithal to make delicious gourmet cuisine. It appears they did, from perhaps 200,000 years ago."

Diane Sanfilippo presents Podcast Episode #75: Mira and Jayson Calton talk "Rich Food Poor Food" posted at Balanced Bites, saying, "In this episode I talked with Rich Food Poor Food authors Mira and Jayson Calton about their new book. We covered some great topics including how they got started researching and learning so much about nutrition in the first place, who this book is intended for and how it will help, what we all need to look out for in our beloved dark chocolate, why assuming anything about foods we eat is a bad idea, some of the most awful items they found in the grocery store while researching for their book, and where to find amazing savings for “Rich Foods” easily on the internet."

Charissa Talbot presents Sometimes a Little Change Can Make a BIG Difference posted at The 21-Day Sugar Detox, saying, "Today we have a guest blog post from our good friend Sarah Ballantyne from and author of the upcoming book The Paleo Approach. Sarah did the 21-Day Sugar Detox with us in January and we are thrilled that she wanted to share her first experience with the 21DSD!"

Adam Farrah presents It's Up to You - Are You Ready? posted at Practical Paleolithic, saying, "A blog post about stepping into your power, doing what you say you're going to do and making your life what you want."

Chris presents The Truth About Counting Calories to Lose Weight posted at PrimalPal, saying, "Have you ever wondered if you should be counting calories to lose weight? Most 'experts" will tell you that fat loss is all about calories in versus calories out. Is it really that simple? Let's investigate."

Julie Campbell presents coconut milk kheer posted at the crankin' kitchen!, saying, "Well, it's not my most 'paleo" dish... but if you're an occasional rice-eater, then give this a shot. It's glorious."

Primal Kitchen's Family Grokumentarian presents Dairy Free Paleo Cream Cheese, and Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles posted at Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary, saying, "I've valued our family's dairy-free experience for the fact that it has forced me to become much more inventive - and to have a solid understanding of how the dairy-free alternatives I craft taste. This post features a whole-foods-based cream cheese substitute, and a gorgeous raspberry cheesecake truffle dessert that is surprisingly easy to make!"

Alison Pierce presents Paleo Pantry Staples posted at Counterculture Cooking, saying, "With these superstar supplies on hand, your thrown-together suppers will be flavorful and satisfying. You might even stumble into culinary bliss!"
Many thanks to the PaleoBloggers who submitted to this edition of the The Paleo Rodeo! We love new members! So if you blog on paleo-related matters and you'd like to submit your posts to the carnival, please subscribe to the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. You'll receive instructions and reminders via that list.

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