Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SuperSlow Update: The Fifth Sheet

By Unknown

A few weeks ago, I completed my fifth sheet of SuperSlow training, i.e. another 16 sessions. If you've not read my prior posts on SuperSlow, check out:

Here's a summary of my progress on various movements, starting from Session 64 from Sheet 4 to Session 80 on Sheet 5. All the machines are Nautilus, except the the lower back and the torso rotation. As before, only Leg Press and Lower Back are done every session; all other movements are done every other session.

As you'll see below, I decreased me weight on a number of machines. The decrease in leg press was the most significant -- and most helpful -- since that enabled me to start making gains again. Ultimately, I increased on the two machines that I care most about: leg press and lat pull-down. Still, I hope to see better progress in the next sheet.

Every week:
  • LP: Leg Press: 285 to 235 to 260 lbs. I wasn't making any progress since moving my seat forward, so my trainer dropped my weight 50 lbs. Finally, I was able to get past 2 minutes 30 seconds, and my form was much better too. Since then, I've made steady progress back toward 300 lbs. That makes me happy!
  • LB: Lower Back: 182 to 160 lbs. Oddly, this decrease in weight represents progress. I began doing a wider range of motion, which is significantly harder, so I had to decrease my weight.
Every other week:
  • PD: Lat Pull-Down: 120 to 130 lbs. With this being first in the session, I've been able to make some progress.
  • CP: Chest Press: 70 to 75 lbs. With this machine, a five pound increase is good!
  • Row: Row: 60 to 65 lbs. I alternate between pulling and a 2 minute static hold. I still hate this machine because I struggle with form.
  • CR: Calf Raises: 305 to 300 lbs. I only did this three times in 16 weeks, so my weight dropped by five pounds.
  • Ab C: Ab Crunch: Steady at 20 lbs. I'm okay with that.
  • Hip AB: Hip Abduction: Steady at 95 lbs. I think I'm at my max weight, at least for now.
  • Hip AD: Hip Adduction: Steady at 115 lbs. I think I'm at my max weight, at least for now.
  • Lower Back (see above)
  • Leg Press (see above)
Every other week:
  • LE: Leg Extension: 70 to 65 lbs. My trainer dropped my weight to give me a better range of motion.
  • LC: Leg Curls: LC is a 90-second curl of the leg, with progressive intensity, backward against a stable frame.
  • Lower Back (see above)
  • Leg Press (see above)
  • Bicep: Steady at 50 lbs: It's hard to make progress with this machine given that it's immediately after leg press. Oh well!
  • Tricep: Steady at 85 lbs: Again, no progress. (My trainer dropped my weight for this -- and now that I look, biceps too -- on the final session. That was just a one-time thing though.)
  • Rot T: Rotate Torso: 44 lbs. I've struggled with this machine, because I'm often so exhausted at the end of the workout.
  • New MXCP: (Funky MedX Ab Cruncher Hold): 75 lbs: This machine has been really painfully difficult lately.
Honestly, I really struggled with my workouts on this sheet -- mentally and physically -- but I'm already doing better on my current sheet. So I look forward to my report on that. P.S. If you decide to try my SuperSlow gym (now TruFit Health) in south Denver, please tell them that I referred you!

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