Saturday, January 26, 2013

Solutions to Widespread Racism: Philosophy in Action Podcast


On Sunday's Philosophy in Action Radio, I answered a question on solutions to widespread racism. The question was:

Should the government intervene when widespread racism makes life impossible for some people? Given that the effect of strictly respecting the rights of private property owners in the South was that blacks could not find accommodations, health care, transportation, food, and other basic necessities of life, shouldn't the government have intervened? Didn't civil rights legislation help eliminate racism – and wasn't that a good thing – even if that meant violating the right to property of racists?
My Answer, In Brief: Severe and widespread racism can only survive when enforced by government. As such, the solution to such racism is the elimination of the government's violations of rights based on race. That will radically change a culture in and of itself. To attempt to do more – particularly to ban racism in private transactions – violates the rights of innocent people and sets a terrible precedent.

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A podcast of the full episode – where I also answered questions on recommended works of Aristotle, veto power over abortion, staying in a marriage, and more – is available here: Episode of 20 January 2013.

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