Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hsieh Forbes OpEd: The Battle of the Narrative

By Paul Hsieh

My latest piece was published by Forbes on 12/26/2012, "The Battle Of The Narrative: How Ordinary Americans Can Fight ObamaCare".

Here is the opening:

The 2012 election ensured that ObamaCare will not be repealed anytime soon. But opponents continue to fight back. 26 state governments have declined to establish insurance “exchanges.” 40 lawsuits are still pending against various aspects of ObamaCare. Ordinary Americans may not be able to directly affect these battles. But they can play a key role in the all-important battle of the “narrative.”

As the problems of ObamaCare inevitably emerge, the big question will be whether they will be blamed on the residual free-market elements of our health system or on the new government controls. This will be the battle of the “narrative.”
I discuss how ordinary Americans can take part in this battle for their health freedom.

(Read the full text of "The Battle Of The Narrative: How Ordinary Americans Can Fight ObamaCare".)

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