Saturday, August 18, 2012

Overcoming Weakness of Will: Philosophy in Action Podcast

By Unknown

In the 12 August 2012 episode of Philosophy in Action Radio, I discussed overcoming weakness of will, and I thought it might be of interest. The question was:

What are the best strategies for dealing with weakness of will? I want to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, and I know it would be a good thing to do, for reasons both of health and productivity. Yet I often have a problem with actually going to sleep before midnight. Things tempt me to stay awake, like the internet, video games, or just having a bit of "me time" after a day at the university. Occasionally, I have similar problems in regard to work. Are there general strategies to deal with temptation and overcoming weakness of will?
My Answer, In Brief: When faced with a problem of weakness of will, work on resolving the value conflict rather than just forcing yourself into some painful deprivation. Be creative and helpful to yourself!

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Tags: Ethics, Psycho-Epistemology, Psychology, Temptation, Willpower

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A podcast of the full episode – where I answered questions on overcoming weakness of will, deductive reasoning, advertising to children, medicine in a free society, and more – is available as a podcast here: Episode of 12 August 2012.

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