Saturday, June 09, 2012

Philosophy Weekend: Q&A Radio Preview

By Unknown

In the next episode of Philosophy in Action Radio on Sunday morning, I'll answer questions on staying objective, deliberately unhealthy choices, consuming celebrity news, refuting Marxist arguments, and more. Join us for this lively hour of applying rational principles to the challenges of real life!

  • What: Philosophy in Action Q&A Radio Show

  • Who: Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins

  • When: Sunday, 10 June 2012 at 8 am PT / 9 am MT / 10 am CT / 11 am ET

  • Where:

This week's questions are:
  • Question 1: Staying Objective: How can a person be certain of his own objectivity? It's often difficult to stick to the facts in reasoning, and it's even harder to make sure that you're focused on all and only the relevant facts. How can a person know that he's being objective – as opposed to relying on unwarranted assumptions, ignoring relevant facts, or rationalizing what he wants to be true?

  • Question 2: Deliberately Unhealthy Choices: Is it moral to smoke, drink, or eat unhealthy foods if one recognizes the costs of doing so? Suppose a friend makes a deliberate decision to eat foods he know to be unhealthy (such as frequent sugary desserts). He knows that it might harm his health, but he says that the personal enjoyment and satisfaction outweigh the risk of shortened lifespan and possible future harmful health effects. In other words, he claims he is making a rational choice to maximize his overall happiness. If he's truly weighed all the relevant factors without evading the consequences and makes an informed choice to eat those desserts – or engaging in similar unhealthy choices such as drinking or smoking to excess – can that be moral?

  • Question 3: Consuming Celebrity News: Is consuming celebrity news self-destructive? Is there anything wrong with being interested in celebrities and entertainment news? Does "celebrity culture" foster destructive values in people?

  • Question 4: Refuting Marxist Arguments: How can I effectively counter Marxist economic arguments? My family and friends often advocate Marxist economic ideas – for example, that wealth should be redistributed according to need, that corporations and corporate profits are evil, and that rich people have too much money. How can I best respond to these arguments?
After that, I'll answer a set of impromptu "Rapid Fire Questions."

If you attend the live show, you can share your thoughts with other listeners and ask me follow-up questions in the text chat. If you miss the live broadcast, you'll find the audio recording of the whole episode, as well as individual questions, posted to the episode's archive page: Q&A Radio: 10 June 2012. From that page, you can post comments on the questions before or after the broadcast.

Also, be sure to Connect with Us via social media, newsletter, RSS feeds, and more. Check out the Show Archives, where you can listen to the audio from whole episodes or just selected questions. And visit the Question Queue to submit and vote on questions for upcoming broadcasts.

I hope to see you in the chat on Sunday morning!

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