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The Paleo Rodeo #116

By Unknown

Welcome to this week's edition of The Paleo Rodeo!

The Paleo Rodeo is a weekly blog carnival featuring the best paleo-related posts by members of the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. The past editions of the Rodeo are collected on this page.

What is "paleo"? As I say in Modern Paleo Principles:

A "paleo" approach to health uses the evolutionary history of homo sapiens, plus the best of modern science, as a broad framework for guiding daily choices about diet, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. The core of paleo is the diet: it eschews grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils in favor of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.
The purpose of The Paleo Rodeo is to highlight some of the best blogging of the ever-growing paleosphere.

Here is this week's edition:
Kristjan presents Not Losing Weight on a Low Carb Diet? Here's What To Do posted at Kris Kris, saying, "Not losing weight on a low-carb diet? Many people lose a lot of weight on low-carb, without even trying. If you're not one of them, then read this."

Melissa Joulwan presents Tuesday 10: Badass Burpee Variations posted at The Clothes Make The Girl, saying, "The "do anywhere workout," now with added razzmatazz!"

Susie T. Gibbs presents Six Golden Rules To Great Steak posted at Fluffy Chix Cook, saying, "This isn't your mama's paleo! Not a spec of Crisco for this Texas Chix! All of the comfort. None of the crud! Fluffy Chix Cook delicious comfort food with a Texas twang and maybe a tall tale or two for the funofit. If you don't watch it, you might find yourself sayin' howdy and fixinto!"

Warren Wilkinson presents Eat Insects! Have a Cricket Bar posted at Plate Smarter, saying, "Chapul, an Arizona based startup, is looking for $10,000 kickstart dollars to produce cricket bars. 'Kick in' $20 and you'll be the first to receive one. I've already paid!"

Nell Stephenson presents Getting the Timing Wrong posted at Paleoista, by Nell Stephenson, saying, "Another commonly made error by those new to Paleo..."

Suz Crawt presents Paleo Pet Food posted at The Paleo Network, saying, "What a shock to find out how badly pets are fed!"

Kelly Fitzsimmons presents Super Fuel: Foods That Increase Metabolism posted at Weight Loss Ninja, saying, "We provide you with a wealth of information on which foods can easily increase your metabolism. Read this article "Foods That Increase Metabolism" now."

Peggy Emch presents Caring for Premature Infants With Kangaroo Care posted at The Primal Parent, saying, "Doctors and hospitals may not offer the best care for preemies. Mothers are usually a whole lot better than incubators."

Crystal Meadows presents Don't Think. Just Lift. posted at Against the Grain, saying, "Sometimes too much thinking can get in the way of a PR. Focus on the lift, not the weight. Better yet, don't think. Just lift."

Diana Hsieh presents Soft Scrambled Eggs posted at NoodleFood, saying, "These super-soft scrambled eggs are so yummy! They're easy, but they take a bit of extra time. Happily, they're worth it."

The Cavegirls presents Pea Shoot and Walnut Pesto posted at Northwest Cavegirls, saying, "I made up this yummy pesto and then thinned it with my favorite apple cider vinegar and a bit of stevia for a lovely pea shoot and walnut pesto vinaigrette for our salad today. MMM mmm, pick up some of these natural treats and make something exciting with them."

The Cavegirls presents Zucchini Pad Thai posted at Northwest Cavegirls, saying, "Just a quick note to say that Pad Thai is super yum with the zucchini noodles toodles, and chicken, yum. Truly, this new thing with these "veggie noodles" really is makin' my day! Give it a try"

Susan Holland (MeJane) presents Paleo: Dim Sum is the Total of Dim Parts posted at Weightless in Water/Paleo, saying, "Hors d'oeuvres as a main course was always a pipe-dream, but now it's a delectable reality! Making canapes from an 'empty" fridge."

Angel Ayala & Meghan Little presents Paleo Thai Mixed Vegetables, A Stir-fry Medley with Thai Sauce posted at Paleo Effect, saying, "This recipe is perfect for a quick meal (under 30 from start to finish!) or cleaning out the vegetable drawer before a trip! We love how easy and delicious it is to make good Thai at home!"

Penny McIntosh presents Simple Is Smart posted at Health Coach Penny, saying, "My quick book review of It 'Starts With Food' by Melissa and Doug Hartwig."

Blair presents Longer Telomeres = Longer Life? posted at The Found Link, saying, "Telomeres, Aging, and Cancer Risk... should telomere growth be promoted, thwarted, or held steady?"

Health Freak Eddy presents Optimal Diet Vs Optimal Life posted at Health Freak Revolution, saying, "Should you really have an optimal diet? is it possible to have both?"

Julia Campbell presents butter posted at the crankin' kitchen, saying, "homemade butter from raw cream! not much of a recipe, but come on. it's homemade butter."

Amy Kubal presents Let Me See Your 'Grill': Barbecuing -- For Better or For Worse? posted at Robb Wolf, saying, "Is grilling healthy? Find out and learn how you can make it better!"

Fatisfied presents Mayo Trick posted at Free Your Fat, saying, "This trick amps up the emulsification and promotes creaminess!"

Adam Farrah presents It's Broken posted at Practical Paleolithic, saying, "A blog post about how the Industrial Age and the Assembly Line mentality has been applied to just about everything - and how that's made a mess..."

Beth Mazur presents The Pleasure Trap posted at Weight Maven, saying, "I take a look at the concept of the pleasure trap, the idea that we're essentially wired to eat more and move less!"

Sara Hatch presents Experiment of One Follow-up posted at Edible, saying, "I'm one week into my Ketogenic Paleo/Primal experiment, and I have some observations..."

Tony Federico presents Is Sea Food Better than Steak? posted at Fitness In An Evolutionary Direction, saying, "Until recently, I had never questioned the notion that seafood was "health food" through and through. But is this true? Is sea food "better" than beef?"
Many thanks to the PaleoBloggers who submitted to this edition of the The Paleo Rodeo! We love new members! So if you blog on paleo-related matters and you'd like to submit your posts to the carnival, please subscribe to the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. You'll receive instructions and reminders via that list.

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