Monday, May 21, 2012

Fabulous Leg Press Torture at SuperSlow

By Unknown

In my post Obligatory Narcissism, I said:

I took that [photograph] just before my SuperSlow workout... in which I nearly died because my trainer moved the seat of the leg press forward a bit. She lessened the weight by 25 pounds too, but the bottom turn-around was horrific. At the end, I was yelling things like "OH MY GOD! NO, I'M NOT HOLDING! THAT WAS THE WORST THING EVER!" My trainer -- and everyone else in the facility -- was highly amused.

Of course, I plan to do that same awful leg press next week. I refuse to be beaten!

Well, I did that awful leg press the next week, and this time, we took video. It's pretty awesome. Now, I must admonish you: Don't hit the play button, then go browse some other web pages or switch to another program. You must watch the picture! I won't explain further; you'll hear what I mean.

This was the last machine of my workout, and I was so exhausted that I couldn't manage to walk the 20 feet required to get to the waiting area all at once. I'm serious: I had to stop and sit down on the bicep machine for about five minutes!

Interestingly, I found the video genuinely helpful, as I can really see when I'm moving too fast. That's remarkably hard to feel at the time. I wonder if I could help correct my form problems on the row machine by recording and then watching video with my trainer.

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