Monday, April 02, 2012

SuperSlow Achievement Unlocked: 300 Pound Leg Press

By Unknown

For the past few months, I've been diligently working toward doing 300 pounds on leg press in my SuperSlow workouts. Lately, I've been making great progress, increasing by five pounds every session, yet doing between 2 minutes 40 seconds and 3 minutes each time. I was up to 285 pounds in my last session, so I figured that I'd hit 300 pounds in mid-April.

On Friday, I was supposed to increase to 290 pounds, but my trainer suggested trying 300 pounds, saying that often a person can make a big jump like that -- of 15 pounds! -- if progressing as regularly as I've been doing. And... I did it! I managed 2 minutes and 8 seconds under that load, which just amazes me.

In May of 2011, I started the leg press at 190 pounds, so getting up to 300 pounds is more than a 1.57 times increase in strength. Notably, 300 pounds on the machine at my gym doesn't translate to 300 pounds on every machine. In fact, I should be able to do well over 600 pounds on the leg press machine at Doug McGuff's gym when I visit EDan in late May.

So.... Yay Me! It's so awesome to be making such clear and measurable progress!

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