Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gary Johnson: Don't Waste the Opportunity

By Unknown

[A personal statement from me, originally posted to my personal blog NoodleFood.]

GQ published an excellent article on the only presidential candidate that I could possibly support, namely Gary Johnson. Here's a tidbit:

A few things you need to know up front about Gary Johnson. There is nothing he will not answer, nothing he will not share. For six straight days, we spent virtually every waking hour together, which might have had something to do with the fact that there wasn't another reporter within ten miles of the guy. Or that when you're polling in the low digits and your campaign fund is less than Mitt Romney's breakfast tab and your entourage is Brinck and Matt, you tend to be more forthcoming. But in fact, Johnson is fundamentally incapable of bullshitting, which is one of the many, many things that make him so unusual for a presidential candidate. (When a reporter asks him, after he gushes about how great New Hampshire voters are, if he says the same thing in Michigan, he replies, "No, Michigan's the worst.") He finds presidential politicking of the sort we've grown accustomed to—slick, scripted, focus-grouped, how-does-the-hair-look—to be "absolutely phony."
Johnson is not just determined to eliminate the budget deficit by immediately cutting the budget by 43%. He's also pro-choice, pro-immigration, pro-marijuana-legalization, and more. He's not as hawkish on foreign policy as I'd like, but he's opposed to altruistic foreign wars. You can read about his positions here.

In my view, Gary Johnson is a far better candidate than I thought possible from the GOP. And I'll be damned if I'll sit on my hands while something that good passes us by -- particularly when our alternatives are wild-eyed Jesus freaks, slimy pragmatists, and economy-killers. Hence, I've donated a few hundred dollars to his campaign -- and I'd urge others of similar mind to consider doing the same. Or you might pass on the GQ article or his web site to friends and other free-market advocates.

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