Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tidbits from VitalObjectives

By Christian Wernstedt

These are some recent tidbits from the VitalObjectives FaceBook page containing my brief musings on various health- and paleo related topics. /CW

Misunderstanding the paleo diet.

There is an enormous misunderstanding about paleo diets held by scores of both proponents and detractors: That the paleo diet is about "what cavemen did". No, no, no! It is about what nature did to the cavemen. In other words, what needs to be figured out is which environmental inputs and stresses form the basis for how human physiology evolved. The answers then inform what the general dietary template for humans should be.

My new DASH shoes from Soft Star Shoes.

I still love my Original RunAmocs LITEs, but the DASH model is more stylish and feels just as great. I don't intend to ever return to wearing "normal" shoes - exceptions made for formal events. If there is one experiment that anyone with knee-, back, or even neck pain should make, it is to try bare-footing shoes for a month. Soft Star Shoes makes the best shoes in this category in my opinion. (I don't get paid to say this.)

Vitamin C as an anti-stress remedy.

Feeling overly wired after having had too much coffee? Take a 0.5-1 grams of vitamin C with flavonoids to clear out the cortisol. Same trick works for me to enhance sleep after some excessive bar hopping.

Therapeutics: The importance of "Glimpsing".

‎"Glimpsing": When a person has a day or two with higher energy, diminished symptoms, and a good mood. It doesn't matter if it doesn't last longer. It is a sign of what the person's body and mind are capable of; that nothing is irreversibly broken; that healing is possible, but that healing is a process not a single event.

Measuring health: Idiotic lab reference ranges.

Lab reference ranges: The ones that you see on your blood test are derived from either a statistical spread that includes many sick people, or recommendations from a committee of politicians and drug industry lobbyists. Wouldn't it be smarter to look at reference ranges that reflect supremely healthy people? I think so, so that's what I do. :)

Have you eaten your steak today? #1

Did you know that the body's biggest pool of anti-oxidants doesn't come from those "anti-oxidant rich" veggies touted on cable TV, but from systems that rest on the body's own anti-oxidants: uric acid and glutathione. These are made from nutrients found abundantly in.... meat and other animal products! No wonder that feel that I age backwards when I eat a steak.

Have you eaten your steak today? #2

In a recent study, the acid taurine reversed metabolic damage in rats made pre-diabetic through fructose overfeeding. The same tendency has been shown in humans. We find taurine in relevant amounts in meats and seafood. (Please don't try to get your taurine from Red Bull.)

Genetic testing? That's cool, but...

I have recommended the 23andme.com genetic test to have some FUN and to DEFY the coming Gov't crackdown. But, really, for health optimization, the test isn't very useful. The health hurdle for most people isn't their genes. It is the maladaptive stress and malnourishment that they subject their bodies to. Optimize your hormones, digestion, detoxification, and immune system. Then we can talk about genes.

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