Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hsieh TownHall OpEd: Central Planner Fallacy in Health Care

By Paul Hsieh

The 6/20/2011 has published my latest OpEd, "A Doctor Exposes Obama's Health Care Fallacy".

My theme is that Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) represent the latest incarnation of the failed "central planner fallacy" as applied to American health care. Here is the opening:

Suppose President Obama proposed reviving the faltering American economy by creating a federal "Department of Technology" to encourage Silicon Valley technology companies to merge into large consortiums. Bureaucrats would then tell these companies what products they should produce and sell.

Most Americans would consider that approach ridiculous. They know that innovations such as iPads and smartphones were created by entrepreneurs competing in a free market, not by government central planners. Yet the Obama administration is committing the same error by pushing doctors and hospitals into government-supervised "Accountable Care Organizations"...
(Read the full text of "A Doctor Exposes Obama's Health Care Fallacy".)

Thanks to Dr. Hal Scherz and to Dan Rene of Docs4PatientCare for helping to arrange this!

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