Monday, May 30, 2011

Real Cream

By Unknown

In mid-May, I sent the following letter to "Darigold," the manufacturer of the cream that's now sold in our local Costco stores.


I used to routinely buy the half gallons of "Country Classic" whipping cream from my local Costco stores in south Denver. It was only pasteurized, not homogenized, and didn't contain any additives. It was just cream -- and wow, it was stellar. It was the closest thing to raw cream (which I used to get) that I'd ever found. I liked it so much that I'd rather go without than buy ordinary cream from the grocery store. I wasn't alone: visitors often remarked that my cream tasted so much better than anything they'd ever bought.

However, now that Darigold has bought Country Classic, that fantastic product is gone. Costco only sells your Darigold cream, but that's the same barely tolerable product that's sold in regular grocery stores. I'm just not interested in that, and I won't buy it. I want the old Country Classic!

So please please please... bring it back! You had a great product!

-- Diana Hsieh
Modern Paleo :
I sent the same basic letter to Costco. Alas, I didn't get much in reply, but perhaps a few more letters from other unhappy customers would make a difference! If you're such a customer, then you can write Darigold here and write Costco here.

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