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The Paleo Rodeo #054

By Unknown

Welcome to this week's edition of The Paleo Rodeo!

The Paleo Rodeo is a weekly blog carnival featuring the best paleo-related posts by members of the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. The past editions are collected on this page.

What is "paleo"? As I say in Modern Paleo Principles:

A "paleo" approach to health uses the evolutionary history of homo sapiens, plus the best of modern science, as a broad framework for guiding daily choices about diet, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. The core of paleo is the diet: it eschews grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils in favor of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.
The purpose of The Paleo Rodeo is to highlight some of the best blogging of the ever-growing paleosphere.

Here is this week's edition:
Whitney presents Paleo during pregnancy posted at The Paleo Child, saying, "When we decided to become pregnant, we had been eating this way for a handful of months. I had no plans to change while I was pregnant as I know that avoiding grains and sugars was good for me AND for the baby."

Benjamin Skipper presents Chocolate Review: Dagoba's 87% Eclipse posted at Musing Aloud, saying, "Fruity, but simple enough to be a strong and straight chocolate."

Tyler presents Wheat and Sweet Addiction posted at Evolutionary Health Systems, saying, "Wheat is more addictive than drugs. Don't believe me? How many people do you see smoking rocks every day? How many do you see eating bread? Thats what I thought."

Rafael presents Latest Ancestral Diet Scientific Paper Published posted at Livin' Primal, saying, "Look at what happens when an animal is returned to its natural diet"

Patty Pittman presents Wednesday Workout - Telephone Sprints posted at Kihon Wasa, saying, "I like intervals. I think that our ancestors, back in the hunter-gather era, would have spurts of high intensity exertion, the chase. Then the hunter would have slow lumbering exercise, walking back to the village. Since my hunting for food, means scanning the papers for bargains and sales, I have to exercise."

Karen Phelps presents Too Many Loaves, Not Enough Fishes? posted at The Paleo Periodical.

Ravi presents Repulsed by Organ Meats? A Modern Paleo Diet Solution posted at DaiaSolGaia, saying, "This is one area of Paleo that we here at Daiasolgaia have had to work at - you too perhaps?"

Kris presents Tips on eating a clean diet posted at Kris Health Blog, saying, "Many good tips on eating a clean diet, with recommendations based on evolutionary logic and modern science. It is important to avoid highly processed food."

Todd Dosenberry presents Which Brand of Paleo Coconut Water/Juice Is Best? Vita Coco vs Zico vs Amy & Brians Naturals posted at Toad's Primal Journey, saying, "Coconut water is possibly the most natural paleo drink in the world. Their is nothing like drinking coconut water from a coconut but few of us have that luxury. Learn about my favorite brand of coconut water in this post - the winner includes pulp!!"

Nell Stephenson presents What Foods Help Fight Inflammation? posted at TrainWithNellie.

Paul Jaminet presents A Cure for Migraines?: posted at Perfect Health Diet, saying, "A number of readers reported this weekend that our diet cured their health conditions; one reported a cure of her migraine headaches and anxiety. This is her story."

Julia Campbell presents pork chops with cherry rhubarb chutney + mustard greens + herbed roasted sweet potatoes posted at the crankin' kitchen!, saying, "This is a great spiced rhubarb and cherry sauce with pork chops and yummy bitter greens."

Logan Marshall presents 11 Bits of Priceless Advice From Some of the Worlds Top Health Experts posted at Wild Movement.

Amy Kubal presents Weight a Minute... posted at Fuel As Rx, saying, "Does your life revolve around a number?"

Dan Gregory presents a hearty meal for a cold, rainy day posted at The Red Pill.

Ryan presents 10 Reasons NOT to eat Paleo posted at The Urban Cave - Chicago, saying, "There are no good reasons not to go paleo, but if there were, they'd sound something like this..."

Pepper Ruper presents Breaking news: vegetarianism is lame for many reasons posted at Paleo Pepper.

Lindsey presents Why do we consume so much corn??? posted at Enjoying Healthy Foods, saying, "We used to eat corn (corn, grains, pasta's, etc.) weekly and now that we are eating a Paleo/Primal diet, it is really easy to notice the large amount of corn (and etc.) that the normal America diet contains. Very interesting and extremely sad..."

NJ Paleo Girl presents No Mom, It's Not Just Like Atkins... posted at NJ Paleo Girl, saying, "Today, I’m taking the time to point out the differences once and for all. Atkins, Paleo, and Primal: No, they are not all the same…"

Dustin Baxley presents No creamer in my coffee?!?! posted at eating and other stuff..

Meghan Little / Angel Torres presents Spicy Thai Dipping Sauce – Paleo Effect posted at Paleo Effect.

Rafael presents Primal vs Vegans: What would You Choose? posted at Livin' Primal.

Stacy Toth presents Breakfast for Dinner and Eating with Two Year Olds posted at Paleo Parents.

Josephine Svendblad presents Baked Taro Chips posted at Nutty Kitchen, saying, "YUMM!"

J. Stanton presents Why Snacking Makes You Weak, Not Just Fat posted at GNOLLS.ORG, saying, "Did you know snacking is usually catabolic? Even "healthy" snacks aren't healthy, and the "food pyramid" is making you fat and weak."

Patty Pittman presents Primal Fitness > Fighting? posted at Primal 30 Day Challenge, saying, "What is more primal to man's survival than the will to fight to survive. It is definitely what our ancestors had to do. Weather they were fighting off lions and bears, or each other in a war over women and territory, the strongest among them survived and procreated to make me and you."

Kerri Heffel presents chicken salad, pancakes, burgers and more! posted at the functional foodie, saying, "Here is a collection of a few new recipes I tried. The pancakes are great for a special breakfast (not everyday) treat!"

Beth Mazur presents Today's annoying study posted at Weight Maven, saying, "there's no doubt there's a link between obesity and mortality. But correlation does not equal causation; there are other reasons the two could be linked, including our Western diet."

Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan presents Crispy Brussels Sprouts posted at The Clothes Make The Girl, saying, "Crispy, salty, carmelized Brussels sprouts "chips"... YUMMY!"

Patrik presents What does your fridge look like? posted at What does your fridge look like? - Paleo

Arsy Vartanian presents calcium, B12, CSA, & other odd updates! posted at 30 days of paleo.

Angelo Coppola presents Latest in Paleo Episode 9 - Dukan Diet, Atkins, & an LSD Millionaire posted at Latest in Paleo, saying, "Out of 30 episodes to date, this one was a personal favorite. Talked quite a bit about fad diets. The Owsley Stanley segment was great fun to produce. Enjoy!"

Frank Hagan presents Protein and the Low Carb Dieter posted at Low Carb Age, saying, "Are our friends right to be concerned about paleo / low carb diet protein levels? Are we destined for kidney stones, impaired liver function and bone loss?"

Ana Johnson presents Fat Head: A Review posted at Whole Life Diets, Autoimmune diet, Registered Dietitian, Paleo, saying, "A review of the movie Fat Head."

Laurie Donaldson presents Goat's Butter and a Quick Frittata posted at Food for Primal Thought, saying, "Butter!"

Patty Strilaeff presents Bone-in Chuck Roast with Parsnips and Carrots posted at following my nose..., saying, "I finally cooked a good roast!"
Many thanks to the PaleoBloggers who submitted to this edition of the The Paleo Rodeo! This blog carnival has plenty of room to grow! So if you blog on paleo-related matters and you'd like to submit your posts to the carnival, please subscribe to the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. You'll receive instructions and reminders via that list.

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