Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gluco-meter Experimentation

By Jeff

2 days ago I purchased a Blood Glucose(BG) meter and have been using it to see my fasting blood glucose and how the my body responds to the foods I eat. Since I eat pretty clean I expect little strangeness, but I wonder how the occasional cheat, like some popcorn with dinner on Friday nights.

The glucometer was fairly cheap,costing $10 or so from a local big box department store. It was a surprise to my wife that I could get one without a prescription, but there it was on the shelf. There were some that were pricier, at $30 or so, but since I wasn't super serious about it I stuck with the cheaper one. I have no idea whether the extra cost is worth it.

Using it is surprisingly easy. It came with a small pen-like device to poke through a finger tip. You feel a slight prick, but it isn't very painful and doesn't last long. About one single drop of blood comes out and nothing more and it hasn't left any noticeable scar. It takes only 10 seconds or so to get the reading starting with opening the small packet with everything in it.

So far my waking BG is around 95-100(I am not sure how accurate these things are or whether I need to calibrate it). I did an all day fast Monday and it was 91 by the 23hr mark on the fast. After a fairly healthy wine dinner the BG dropped to the lower 80s, which was interesting.

On a recommendation from Dr. Davis(Heart Scan Blog) I tried testing my BG every 20 minutes to get a response curve. I found I peak out at around the hour mark and I have yet to have it go up over 110. Yet to test on a true "cheat", but I will try that later(I forgot it at work after a long busy day at work so I couldn't test my popcorn treat last night).

After a bit of a break(12 days or so) I did my first HIT workout at Doug's 1 on 1 training in Greenville.


  • Tru Squat: Included 3 assisted reps/negatives.
  • MedX Leg Abductor:
  • MedX Leg Adductor
  • MedX Leg Press
  • MedX Leg Curl
  • MedX Leg Extension
  • Wall/Ball Static Hold
  • Nautilus Assist Pull Up
  • MedX Chest Press: Also did 3-4 negatives/assisted reps.
  • MedX Compound Row:
  • Push Ups: Negative only. Pushed up myself on 5 then struggled to get up with my elbows.
  • Negative Pull Ups: 8, 12 second negatives

  • I was up in weight or time under load on all except leg extension, but that isn't the main purpose of this post. One thing interesting to point out about that is that after doing this type of training for the last 2+ years I have yet to plateau on my progress. I have gotten stronger every week with either longer times under load or more weight. I suspect that plateaus that some see may be related to the skill of the movements involved coupled with a stimulus that is too weak to generate the adaptation desired.

    I did my BG before and after the workout, which was interesting. Waking: 99, as it is almost every morning I have checked. 30 minutes before the workout 105. 5 minutes after the workout: 110. It went up, which I believe makes sense. I always experience some stress knowing the workout discomfort coming and I think that is cortisol related. As for the workout it is not a surprise that glucose spilled into the blood in response to the heavy training. Reporting more on twitter(once I get back to work) for anyone who is interested.

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