Sunday, January 09, 2011

Three Recent OpEds

By Paul Hsieh

Three of my OpEds were published recently.

  • On January 4, 2010, PajamasMedia published my OpEd, "Will the GOP Walk the Walk on the Constitution?"

    The theme is that not only should the GOP pay lip service to the Constitution, they must defend in action the principles of individual rights and limited government. Defunding "ObamaCare" would be a good start.

    (Hat tip to Brendan Casey for the quotes from Nancy Pelosi and George Washington.)
  • The January 6, 2011 Washington Times published my latest OpEd, "Best Health Care Political Pull Can Buy".

    The theme is that unless ObamaCare is repealed, it will foster the wrong kind of health care competition -- for political favors, rather than genuine market competition for medical services.
  • The January 7, 2011 RealClearMarkets published my OpEd, "A Defense of High-Frequency Trading".

    That piece was not directly about health care, but rather the critical economic infrastructure that makes health care innovation possible -- namely, efficient capital markets. I contrast the recent reporting in Wired vs. the New York Times on "flash trading" (high speed computer stock trading), and rebut three fallacious concerns raised by the NYT -- its supposed "unfairness", the loss of human control, and the difficulties it creates for government regulators.

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