Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gus Van Horn PJM OpEd: "The Silent Killer"

By Paul Hsieh

The October 15, 2010 edition of PajamasMedia published Gus Van Horn's latest OpEd, "Government Regulation of the Economy Is the 'Silent Killer'". Here's the opening:

We've all heard public service announcements about one disease or another, calling it the "silent killer" and warning of horrible consequences for its unsuspecting victims. A similar silent killer is on the loose now, but there are no such ads. You also won't hear about it on the news. Nevertheless, millions of Americans are unknowing victims of this silent killer right now.

You are probably one of them...
(Read the full text of "Government Regulation of the Economy Is the 'Silent Killer'".)

The "silent killer" analogy is apt in so many ways. We'll never know what sorts of amazing goods and services ordinary people could have created (to the betterment of themselves and the rest of us), if they had only been left alone to live honestly, produce, and trade with others.

Thank you, Gus, for another fine OpEd!

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