Monday, September 20, 2010

Three Great Things about My CrossFit Gym

By Unknown

My CrossFit gym -- CIA FIT Gym has three unusual features that make my friends at other gyms quite jealous, namely:

  • Periodization: The gym runs on a four-weeks-on, one-week-off schedule. (That can vary a bit, depending on how holidays fall.) Given the intensity of CrossFit, that periodic rest is very much needed. That schedule is helpful for goal-setting too, as each session offers an opportunity to reflect on what you want to accomplish. Plus, at the very beginning and end of each session, we do the same challenge workout -- and compare our start with our end time.
  • Fun Trips: In the rest weeks, Kelli (the owner and my trainer) often organizes super-fun outings -- like the overnight backpacking trip in Nederland that Paul and I enjoyed a few weeks ago. We'll be doing snowshoeing this winter. (Yay!) And in May, the gym will be doing a multi-day backpacking trip into and out of the Grand Canyon. I'm so there! (Sadly, Paul likely won't be able to join due to his work schedule.)
  • Punchards: In addition to regular memberships, my gym offers punchcards. That's perfect for someone someone who travels, works out on an irregular schedule, or whatnot. Personally, I love the flexibility. I would have been very reluctant to join without that option.
So if you're in the south Denver area, come check out CIA FIT Gym. And if you're CrossFitting elsewhere, you might nudge your gym into adopting these practices.

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