Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roasted Dried Sweet Potatoes

By Unknown

As I plan to do more backpacking in the future, I've been thinking about good paleo foods for that. I've already made fantastic beef jerky, and I wanted to try dehydrating sweet potatoes. Most instructions use raw sweet potato, but I wanted to try roasted sweet potato.

So over the past two days, I roasted and then dehydrated some white and orange sweet potatoes. After roasting them in their skins, I skinned them, then sliced them as thin as I could (about 3/16"), then dehydrated them in my trusty Excaliber. About eight medium sweet potatoes loosely filled three quart-size mason jars.

They're quite delicious on their own, but they were particularly fantastic when partially rehydrated in my bowl of slow-roasted pork. Like the beef jerky, I expect them to be gone in short order!

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