Saturday, September 11, 2010

Objectivist Roundup

By Unknown

As part of Modern Paleo's weekend schedule of blogging on Objectivism on Saturdays and free market politics on Sundays, I post a link to "The Objectivist Roundup" every week. The "Objectivist Roundup" is a weekly blog carnival for Objectivists. Contributors must be Objectivists, but posts on any topic are welcome.

Rational Jenn hosted this week's Objectivist Roundup. If you're interested in learning more about what Objectivists are writing and doing, check it out!

Also, for those of you in the Denver area, I wanted to mention that Front Range Objectivism (FRO) will be hosting two new Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups -- one in south Denver (Lone Tree) and the other in north Denver (Broomfield) -- starting in mid-October and running through mid-March.

Over 20 sessions, we'll explore Ayn Rand's epic novel in order to gain a greater appreciation for its characters, events, and ideas. Anyone who has read Atlas Shrugged before -- whether a relative newcomer to Ayn Rand's ideas or an experienced Objectivist -- is welcome. You need not be an Objectivist, just a fan of the novel. Everyone has much to learn, I promise!

For more details, visit FRO's page on Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups.

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