Monday, August 02, 2010

Truffle Salt

By Unknown

Some weeks ago, friends gave us a present of truffle salt. It transforms my sous vide scrambled eggs from fantastic into some kind of ecstatic religious experience... perhaps akin to ascending into heaven on the shoulders of Jesus. (Yup, if God existed, I would burn in hell for all eternity for that wisecrack.)

With that sous vide scrambled eggs recipe, I use eight eggs for two people rather than merely five. I often add an ounce or two of cheese, as well as a strip or two of crumbled cooked bacon. Oh, and I should mention that the time required for cooking depends greatly on the number and size of the eggs. Once the eggs begin to set, you need to check the bag every two minutes or so.

Of course, you don't need to make your scrambled eggs sous vide to enjoy the amazing flavor of truffle salt in them: regular scrambled eggs will do, I imagine. Oddly, truffle salt doesn't do much for whole eggs, whether hard boiled or the "custard eggs" that I make sous vide. We've also found that truffle salt is is excellent with creamy pureed cauliflower. I'd love to hear other suggestions for its use in the comments.

Due to that fabulous experience with the truffle salt, I decided to treat myself to a whole set of flavored salts. I've had fun playing around with some of them, although I've not yet cracked them all open. I'm fascinated by how these salts make the flavor pop so more than just salt plus flavor.

I'm also fascinated with how much better certain high-quality sea salts taste than even ordinary sea salt, as well as how intolerable plain table salt tastes now. Plain sodium chloride is really quite nasty!

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