Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Did I Make?

By Lee

Just wondering what to call this yummy treat. It was so good to eat that I had serious doubts about having invented something new. You know that feeling: this is so good it would be impossible to believe I was the first to think of it... that feeling.

three eggs
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
two shake cinnamon powder
two splenda packets
Combine with fork (as in omelet)
three pieces of bacon (chopped in small pieces and fried)
four pieces Gruyere cheese (cut in julienne)
handful of blueberries

To cook: heat a medium fry pan with butter and pour in the egg mix. Cook on one side - once cooked 3/4 through, place cheese, cooked bacon, and blueberries on one half of the circle. Fold and transfer to plate. Microwave on high for one minute to finish out the egg (and avoid any food poisoning).

Eat and enjoy! Now what is that called? Is it a quiche? Is it a fritatta? Is it just a fancy omelet? I would call it just a fancy omelet except that the heavy whipping cream, after some heavy whipping, began to thicken and rise. The whipping (and the sweet ingredients) gave the final product a kind of dessert quality. The bacon and cheese leaned more toward the conventional omelet and gave it a meaty bulk. I wonder if other bulk protein items would give it that push it needs. There are no grain-based ingredients. I just now ate it and the blueberries are still with me. Yu-um.

If this concoction sounds familiar to you, please let me know what it is (or what it ought to be) called.


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