Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hsieh OpEd at PJM: Free Speech Use It or Lose It

By Paul Hsieh

PajamasMedia recently published my latest OpEd, "Free Speech: Use It or Lose It".

My theme is that Americans need to be aware of some dangerous new threats to our freedom of speech, and we must fight back based on a proper intellectual defense of free speech.

In particular, paleo bloggers should be alarmed at any move by the government to clamp down those advocating health and scientific position that might run contrary to "conventional wisdom".

Here is the introduction:

"We're from the government and we'll have to revoke your blogging license if you keep spreading too much 'misinformation.'"

A few years ago, such a warning would have seemed far-fetched. But recent developments threaten to turn this from bad science fiction into grim reality. If bloggers and independent journalists wish to avoid this nightmare, we must speak out now to defend freedom of speech -- and we must defend it for the right reasons...
(Read the full text of "Free Speech: Use It or Lose It".)

I'd also like to acknowledge two excellent sources for some of the ideas presented in this OpEd.

The first is Steve Simpson's article in the Spring 2010 issue of The Objective Standard, "Citizens United and the Battle for Free Speech in America".

The second is Eric Daniels' superb course from OCON 2008, "Freedom of Speech in American History".

And thank you, Instapundit, for the link-love!

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