Monday, May 10, 2010

Food and Disease Through History

By Tod

Hello friends, this is a chart that I made for my blog. The original article is here.

The purpose of this chart is to illustrate what I think has happened to the rate of diseases of civilization over the history of man. The introduction of novel foods is overlaid to provide some correlation.

A caveat. The dates are fairly accurate, but the disease rate has no basis in actual numbers. It's pure conjecture.

So why make the chart at all? This is an illustration of what I think has happened. This is a mental model that I carry around in my head and try to explain to people. It's a graph of a hypothesis. It looks official, but can I help it that my graphics have to look so darn good?

I would appreciate hearing about any real data on the rate of diseases of civilization per capita that I can substitute for my guess. It has to go from today back to 2,000,000 BC, at least.

Thank you,


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