Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook Exchange

By Christian Wernstedt

A little debate on Facebook this the week centered around a recent excellent post on FatHead named "I Doubled Down And Lived To Tell".

My opening shot accompanied with a link to the FatHead post:

From a paleo perspective KFC is junk food (way too much omega 6), but nothing is junkier than a "heart-healthy" low fat cereal meal as this article shows. The KFC meal produced blood sugar of 94 mg/dl whereas a bowl of "heart-healthy" Cheerios spiked blood sugar to 250 mg/dl (followed later by a crash and cravings). Cycling through that kind of ordeal a couple of times a day is a recipe for cataracts, kidney disease, and atherosclerotic plaque development. Someone should sue the American Heart Association into oblivion.

Someone (let's call her Ms. X) apparently didn't like my lash out against the establishment and replied like this:

Well, this will not be a popular reply, but it's obvious that the author knows very little about nutrition. For instance, he seems to think more protein is better, when an overconsumption of animal protein in our culture is a major factor behind the climb in heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis... Take time to find out the truth. You can go to the Web sites of Jeff Novick, John McDougall, T. Colin Campbell, RIp or Caldwell Esselstyn, Joel Fuhrman, Pam Popper and find out the real reasons why people in this country are getting sicker and sicker.

My answer:

All of the "authorities" that Ms. X mentions are mainstream anti-animal-product dogmatists. They have never been able to explain why hunter-gatherers who primarily get their calories from animal products show supreme health (cancer and heart disease unheard of) compared to Westerners eating according to these vegetarian myths or worse.

On the other hand, the frequency of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc, have all grown epidemic as consumption of sugars, grains, and processed vegetable oils have increased in the Untited States.

T. Colin Campbell et al are going to be laughed out of court in a couple of years as the evolutionary perspective on diet takes hold.

There is no way that anyone in logic can defend a low fat, low protein, grains-laden vegetarian diet in the face of millions of years of man's evolutionary history during which we wouldn't have survived as a species if we didn't eat animal protein and fat.

It should also be preferable to look like Art Devany and his wife in old age rather than like an emasculated corpse like the vegan T. Colin Campbell. Is Colin able to move without a wheel chair? He looks sarcopenic to me.

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