Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mailing Lists and Blog Carnivals

By Unknown

Modern Paleo hosts three specialized e-mail lists. These lists function on the same model as my very successful e-mail lists. That means:

  • The lists are not for debate, but instead for friendly discussion and sharing of useful information concerning the topic of the list.
  • The lists are not moderated, but members who violate the very basic rules will be subject to moderation, if not unsubscribed.
  • The lists are hosted on Google Groups. You can choose to receive messages as individual e-mails, to receive a daily summary or digest, or to read messages on the web.
Modern Paleo's three start-up lists are:
  • PaleoBloggers: PaleoBloggers is an informal private mailing list for bloggers who adhere to and advocate a broadly paleo approach to diet, fitness, medicine, and supplementation. Its basic purpose is to facilitate communication about matters of mutual interest -- such as blogworthy links, the paleo carnival, upcoming events, posts of interest, and best blogging practices. Its broader purpose is to help paleo bloggers more effectively advocate and promote the paleo approach.
  • PaleoThyroid: PaleoThyroid is an informal private mailing list for adherents of a broadly paleo diet with diagnosed or suspected thyroid disease. Its basic purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information, resources, and experiences about thyroid problems amongst independent-minded people already eating paleo.
  • SousVide: SousVide is an informal private mailing list for people who cook sous vide, particularly home cooks. Its basic purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information, resources, recipes, and tips related to cooking sous vide. (This list is not limited to paleo-eaters.)
These lists are currently open to new subscribers, but they won't be open for introductions and discussion until the afternoon of Wednesday, March 17th.

Also, more paleo-related lists will be created on demand, provided that good managers for them can be found. (I'm thinking of "PaleoKids" next...)

To promote the best blogging of list members, Modern Paleo also hosts two blog carnivals:
  • The Paleo Rodeo is a weekly blog carnival featuring paleo-related posts by members of the PaleoBloggers e-mail list. The first edition will be posted on Friday!
  • Sous Vide Review is a monthly blog carnival featuring sous vide recipes and tips by bloggers on the SousVide e-mail list. The first edition will be posted toward the end of the month.
Please check out those links... and subscribe!

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