Saturday, March 13, 2010



  • The school lunches served in America are downright scary -- particularly when compared with the far better lunches served in other civilized countries. Compared to the pictures on that blog, the school lunches when I was a kid were gourmet feasts!

    Notably, the problem isn't just that we're feeding growing children disgusting junk that will have a lasting impact on their health -- or that we're training them to eat such junk for the rest of their lives. These school lunches send a very clear message to children: "We don't give a shit about you." That attitude pervades government schools in a million ways, many far more damaging. Yet to see it so plainly written on your plate would be particularly degrading.

  • What's in your fridge? The Anti-Fridge discusses the history of the refrigerator -- and alternatives to it. (The pictures are amazing too!)

    I'm fascinated by traditional methods of storing and preserving foods. I don't wish to adopt them myself, absent some compelling reason to do so. I'm curious about the science behind them though.

    I am seriously thinking about building a small root cellar in the barn, as that would be helpful for making fermented foods like sauerkraut. Then again, perhaps I can use the super-well-insulated "camping closet" in our basement for that purpose, once I move its contents to the new storage room in the barn. That would be easier!

  • Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: A guest post by Joel Salatin on the slew of inane regulations affecting his work as a food producer. It's obscene.

  • Cooking Issues has been doing some great blogging on sous vide cooking. Enjoy!

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