Saturday, February 13, 2010


By Unknown

  • I'm delighted to report that Kelly Elmore has seen some remarkable improvement on desiccated thyroid and iodine. Here's her before post and after post. Lady Baker is also doing better on iodine alone, as she reports in her before post and after post. Hooray to feeling better!

  • Dr. Davis writes about heart health and magnesium deficiency. Here's an older post on the same topic from Dr. Eades. It's also worth considering whether you're getting the right amounts of potassium. And selenium. And everything else.

  • Jimmy Moore put together a great post on Whole Foods' new program to promote low-fat, high-carb eating. He's right to be critical of the program, but I don't plan to boycott Whole Foods, as some others are doing. Whatever his errors on diet, John Mackie has earned my respect for his free-market opposition to Obamacare. Plus, Whole Foods doesn't plan to change its product offerings. If it does, then I'll shop elsewhere.

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