Saturday, February 20, 2010


By Unknown

  • South Carolina used to be The Iodine State.

  • Dr. Davis discusses a patient who nearly gave himself diabetes by eating lots of fruit. He concludes, "When you hear such conventional advice like 'eat plenty of fruits and vegetables,' you should hear instead: 'eat plenty of vegetables. Eat a small quantity of fruit.' Or, as one commenter said, "Fruit and honey, nature's junkfood. Although both have some redeeming qualities, unlike brownies." I used to be a fruit junkie, but now I eat maybe one to two serving of low-sugar berries per week. I don't want any more: it doesn't do good things for me.

  • Amazing but true! No one died or was injured from a terribly irresponsible experiment in which people deliberately overdosed on homeopathic medicine. As the organizer of the 10:23 event Martin Robin observed, "No one was cured of anything either." Gee, what a surprise!

  • Tom Naughton's hysterical take on laws limiting raw milk sales. Here's a sample:
    Raw milk sales are illegal with one exception: An individual with a written recommendation from a physician may purchase raw goat milk.

    "So why do I feel so terrible, doctor?"
    "According to your labs, you have a rare intestinal disorder. It's called Capralactinecessitis."
    "Oh my gosh! Can it be treated?"
    "Yes, but only if you drink milk that would kill a healthy person. I'll write a prescription."

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