Saturday, January 30, 2010


By Unknown

  • A handy flow chart for figuring out whether to eat the food that you just dropped on the floor.

  • Just because you're slender doesn't mean that you're healthy. People who are "skinny-fat" might be at greater risk of heart disease. Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades discuss the problem of such visceral fat -- and what to do about it -- in their excellent recent podcast interview with Jimmy Moore.

  • Gretchen's postprandial diet experiment reports on a fascinating 24-hour test of blood glucose and triglycerides on a high-carb/low-fat diet versus a high-fat/low-carb diet. The Heart Scan Doc has more on why these kinds of tests suggest that the hunter-gatherer mode of infrequent eating is healthier than the "grazing" that many people advocate.

    I've got a big thyroid update post to write, so look for that later today!

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