Saturday, January 23, 2010


By Unknown

  • Some young scientists discovered that the DNA of food doesn't always match its label. I've mentioned the huge problem with fraud in olive oil before, but I wonder how widespread this kind of fraud is. I suspect that -- just as with other regulations -- food labels induce complacency in consumers, such that people suppose that food is whatever the label says, nothing more and nothing less. That might be even more misguided than I thought -- perhaps with disastrous consequences to people with food allergies. (Via Dr. Eades)

  • Only vegans need support groups. Heh.

  • For many years, my favorite way to make cabbage has been using this super-simple Frizzled Cabbage recipe. I make a whole head at a time, in a small stock pot, with plenty of butter. It takes about 30 minutes to cook. Be careful not to burn it!

  • Raw milk herdshares win a victory in Canada. Hooray!

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