Saturday, November 07, 2009

Health Link-O-Rama

By Unknown

  • Three runners die during Detroit marathon. I used to admire marathon runners, thinking them to be at the peak of fitness. No more: such deaths are pretty common -- not because people haven't trained well enough, but apparently because they're doing so much damage to their bodies.

  • Twin study reveals secrets to looking younger. The article is interesting, but the slideshow is fascinating.

  • Calorie Postings Don't Change Habits, Study Finds. I'm sure that won't dissuade our government nannies though.

  • Wonder Sauna Hot Pants were supposed to make you "look better, feel better, wake up your body." In fact, they only made you look completely absurd.

  • Paleolithic diet adopts primal, evolutionary health approach by Robert O'Callahan argues that the standard views on diet in America today reflect belief in original sin and the evil of the body more than they do science.

  • Statinators spill the beans: Dr. Michael Eades reads between the lines of a new study on niacin. The results? Statins might reduce LDL, but they don't do squat about plaque on the carotid arteries.

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