Saturday, October 10, 2009

Name Help

By Unknown

In part spurred by some new friends adopting our paleo-ish diet, Monica Hughes and I have concocted a most excellent plan of creating an mailing list for Objectivists interested evolutionary-based eating, workouts, and the like. Monica will manage the list.

We've found that lots of people are intrigued by our diet, but they've got a million questions about the principles and practice of it. That's not surprising. Given the prevalence of junk science in nutrition and the prevalence of junk food in the most diets, understanding what to eat -- and why -- can be difficult. So the mailing list will facilitate the sharing of useful information, as well as provide moral support and advice.

As with OGrownups, anyone will be welcome to subscribe. However, to keep the conversation focused, we're going to limit posting to Objectivist practitioners of an evolutionary diet. Everyone else can lurk. We're going to construe that "evolutionary diet" broadly to include Cordain's Paleo Diet, the Primal Blueprint, the Atkins Diet, Protein Power, The Zone, Weston A. Price, and the like. While I certainly have criticisms of some of these diets, the basic goal is to eat foods appropriate to the human animal, as informed by our evolutionary history.

However, Monica and I have terribly serious problem with this new list: we can't figure out what to name it! I'd like to use the OWhatever format, if possible. We don't like OPaleo, as "paleo" is too narrow and too much associated with Cordain. We don't like anything with "primal" or "caveman" or "primitive" or "traditional": we don't want to celebrate primitive man. We don't want anything specific to food or diet, as questions of fitness will also be central to the list. Something suggesting our evolutionary approach would be good, and so one option would be "OEvHealth." However, we're not thrilled about that.

So we thought that we'd ask you -- most excellent NoodleFoodleDoodlers -- what do you suggest?

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