Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another Reason to Love Twitter

By Unknown

Paul and I are huge fans of the bulk nuts at Whole Foods, including their pistachios. However, the pistachios I bought earlier this week simply weren't up to their usual standard. They were all the dregs. So, on Thursday, after eating a few of them without much delight, I posted the following tweet:

The @WholeFoods pistachios I just bought are way below their usual standard. Perhaps an effect of the earlier recall?
Although the Whole Foods pistachios weren't subject to any recall, I thought that perhaps pulling so many pistachio products off the market might have affected the quality of the available supply. However, within about 12 hours, I got the following tweet reply from WholeFoods, the twitter account of the Whole Foods corporate office:
@DianaHsieh Quality shouldn't have changed - if you're unsatisfied with the product, feel free to bring back for an exchange/refund.
Of course, I already know that I can do that. Nonetheless, to hear it from them gives me warm fuzzies. Plus, now I think I might return them. Why suffer through mediocre pistachios?

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