Saturday, December 27, 2008

Free Book About Lunch

By Unknown

As the saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch. However, you can get a free book about breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Yesterday, I was delighted to discover that Dr. Michael Eades announced that he and his wife, Dr. Mary Dan Eades, were offering their book The Protein Power Lifeplan for free. (It's a Christmas present; they've done it in the past. Go Santa!) You just have to pay shipping if you order it online. It's totally free if you can pick it up in person in Eagle, Idaho. The offer ends on January 5th.

Guy Adamson of FA/RM wrote me about the offer this morning, saying:

This is an excellent book on diet I highly recommend. Even if you have read Protein Power, I think LifePlan is a more complete book ... If Good Calories, Bad Calories scare the grains [and sugars!] out of you, LifePlan takes similar information and presents it in a way you can apply to your life.
I've not yet read Protein Power but I'm a huge fan of Dr. Eades' blog. So I'll be ordering my copy this weekend, probably with some krill oil.

Thank you, Drs. Eades!

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