Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pizza Versus CrossFit

By Unknown

Here's an all-too-telling CrossFit story from Kirez. (The original post has a great picture.) Kirez writes:

Early Sunday morning we setup our gym at Starbucks. I laid out 360 square feet of rubber flooring, setup the squat rack, three barbells, about 450 pounds of Olympic bumper plates, 5 Dynamax med balls and 8 kettlebells. We took a Concept 2 rower and whiteboards.

Starbucks donated free drinks for people who won the hourly workout contests. Alicia got a free drink for her 5:27 performance on: 4 rounds for time, 15-12-9-6 reps, Wall ball shots (10 lb. ball), pull-ups. Michelle had an amazing workout, too. Her time was 6:32 for: 5 rounds for time, 5 x 115 lb. Deadlift, 10 burpees. Jim did a workout of 500 m row & wall ball shots, Dean and Kirez worked on Snatches, we demonstrated a lot of kettlebell exercises and taught some Olympic lifting, and had a great time.

The proprietor of the pizza place next door swore that Sunday was her best day for walk-ins and nobody was walking in if there was something fitness oriented next to her store. "They'll feel too guilty buying pizza if they see your fitness setup outside!" — direct quote, I kid you not. So... next Sunday, we'll be on the other side of Starbucks.
And pizza is pretty healthy according to the Standard American Diet! Perhaps people know -- even if only implicitly, based on the way they feel -- that stuffing themselves with pizza is not compatible with the kind of high-intensity workout that Kirez and company were doing.

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