Monday, August 11, 2008

CrossFit Fun

By Unknown

Since the Morton's neuroma and capsulitis in my right foot is still causing me problems, my exercise has been somewhat limited this summer. I've been doing mostly interval rowing (30 second normal, then 30 seconds hard and fast, for 2-3 miles per session) and CrossFit-style weight training to keep myself in shape. Since I'd like to build more muscle, I've been on the lookout for new exercises. Variation keeps my workouts fresh -- and difficult. Consequently, I've been watching a fair amount of CrossFit videos on YouTube, some of which are just damn cool.

Since I just bought a set of kettlebells, I've been doing these swings:

(Don't miss the end: she swings 70 pounds!) With ordinary dumbbells, you work one muscle group at a time. With the kettlebells, you can do whole-body movements. I like that much better, as the workout is much more intense. I've only done 25 pounds so far as part of a tabata set.

As for movements that I won't be doing anytime soon, here's a super-cool 57 inch box jump:


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