Saturday, July 19, 2008

Inspiring Before and After

By Unknown

Wow, these are an inspiring set of before-and-after pictures highlighting the importance of proper diet in addition to exercise. The before pictures are actually after two months of CrossFit plus an active job, yet eating the usual high-carb junk. The after pictures are from a mere three months later. The couple continued the exercise but switched to a paleo diet, eating whatever "they wanted from meats, fish, chicken, seasonal fruits, and veggies." The difference is almost shocking. (The pictures are found in the link above, but the full discussion is in this MS Word document.)

The original source, Robb Wolf, says, "From my experience bad nutrition will block virtually all the effects of exercise."

(One of the benefits of being home again after OCON is the capacity to eat all and only what I want. Life is so much better that way!)

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